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Join the new energy smart manufacturing union with ATW

Developing new energy to replace traditional energy sources and solve the global energy crisis is an everlasting theme of human society. At present, the mass application of PV power generation and the popularity of new energy vehicles have played an important role in energy saving and emission reduction. As a strong supporter and practitioner of the zero-carbon mission, ATW has being involved in the new energy industry for a long time and focused on the PV and li-ion battery business. Our core equipment helped generate solar power of more than 340 billion kWh last year, reducing carbon emissions by over 290 million tons. We strive to become a provider of green and automatic equipment, and optimize the process structure and method in production, manufacturing, transportation, etc. so as to reduce the energy consumption and drive the sustainable development of PV industry.

ATW has considered new energy as the foundation of company since its inception more than ten years ago. The vision of ATW is to build smart factory with technologies and drive the global smart manufacturing. Meanwhile, ATW has never ceased to explore other industries. In 2018, ATW began its foray into the semiconductor market aiming to speed up the manufacturing of domestic semiconductor packaging equipment.

ATW is committed to build an inclusive and open culture, foster a diverse and safe workplace for colleagues and offer them equitable opportunities for ongoing growth. We are keen to bring tens of thousands of talent together to explore more advanced smart equipment and witness the growth of Autowell. We are confident that with the endeavors of all of us, the future of clean energy will be even better and the truly smart era is coming.

We hope you:
Be kind and honest, and act with reverence and awe;
Strive for truth and progress, and move forward step by step;
Have a dream, and persevere in your efforts.
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